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The Music Center's Artsource® curriculum is designed to bring the expressive world of the arts into classrooms. View available Artsource® units by discipline.

Artsource® empowers teachers to:

  • Present artistic models in dance, music and theatre to your students
  • Integrate the arts with other subject areas, such as Language Arts, Social Studies, History and Science
  • Explore a broad spectrum of multicultural art forms with students in the classroom
  • Guide students through varied levels of Standards-based lessons

Each Artsource® unit includes short summaries that provide historical and cultural background on selected artists and a description of the featured artwork. Built on the components of the California Visual and Performing Arts Framework and arts Standards, each lesson includes clear student outcomes, criteria for meaningful tasks and assessment questions.

View available Artsource® units by discipline or read more about how to use Artsource®.

Download the glossaries and assessments for each genre: Dance, Music, and Theatre.