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Rachel S. Moore
President & CEO

Howard Sherman
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, The Music Center Ops.

Josephine Ramirez
Executive Vice President, The Music Center Arts

Valentine Gelman
Senior Vice President, Advancement

Bonnie Goodman
Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications

William Taylor
Senior Vice President, Finance / Chief Financial Officer

The Music Center Operations
(TMC Ops)

Building Services

Keith McTague, Director & Chief Engineer
Jeff Rowland, Assistant Chief Engineer
Ramon DeLeon, Lead Engineer
Francisco Loayza
, Lead Engineer
Gerard Silva
, Lead Engineer
Carlos Acosta, Engineer
Eric Amaya, Engineer
Nick Garcia, Engineer
Jose Godinez, Engineer
Adrian Padilla, Engineer
Alex Romero, Engineer
Ismael Rodriguez, Engineer
Jose Santillan, Engineer
Brandon Villalobos, Engineer
Damon Joseph, Apprentice Engineer
Jose Quintero, Landscaping
Delia Martin, Office Services Manager
Sonia Amezcua, Coordinator
Erik Ekserjyan, Mailroom Clerk
Ruben Enriquez, Mailroom Clerk
Edgar Vasquez, Mailroom Clerk 


Jane Jackson, Director, Board Concierge
George Nikolov, Manager
Michael Tanner, Senior Coordinator
Elia Ortega, Reservation Coordinator

Guest Relations

Carolyn Van Brunt, Vice President
Alvin Broussard, Senior Manager, Special Services
Steve Olear, Manager, Guest Services
Ruben Lopez, Special Services Coordinator
Jeanice Williams, Coordinator, Tours & Special Events
Christine Cox, House Manager, Ahmanson Theatre
Robert Devis, House Manager, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
Greg Flusty, House Manager, Walt Disney Concert Hall
Linda Walker, House Manager, Mark Taper Forum
Peggy Alvarez, Head Usher
David Bolanos, Head Usher
Omar Garcia, Head Usher
Jose Agustin Garibaldi, Head Usher
Jenna Loredo, Head Usher
Seng Neth, Head Usher
Monica Ortega, Head Usher
Santa Roman-Garcia, Head Usher
Domingo Salazar, Head Usher
Demetra Willis, Head Usher

Operations Administration

Carol Zamora, Executive Assistant


Jason Clark, Director
Todd Reynolds, Head Audio/Video, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
Robert Smith, Head Audio, Ahmanson Theatre
Kevin Wapner, Head Audio, Walt Disney Concert Hall
Shawn Anderson, Head Carpenter, Ahmanson Theatre
Timothy Conroy, Head Carpenter, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
Ronald Galbraith, Head Carpenter, Walt Disney Concert Hall
Emmet Kaiser, Head Carpenter, Mark Taper Forum
Ryan Lebetsamer, Head Electric, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
Aaron Staubach, Head Electrician, Mark Taper Forum
Shane Anderson, Head Flyman, Ahmanson Theatre
Dennis Holbrook, Head Properties, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
Scott Lucas, Property Head, Ahmanson Theatre
John Phillips, Head Property, Walt Disney Concert Hall
Mary Romero, Head Property, Mark Taper Forum
Lee Smilek, Head Wardrobe
Katie Miller, Production Manager
Lisa Quang, Senior Coordinator

Scheduling & Events

Sharon Stewart, Director
Liliana Gonzalez, Events Operations Manager
Lisa King, Events Operations Manager
Ismael Tenorio, Events Operations Manager
Marisol Moro, Scheduling Administrator
Ken Talley, Scheduling Administrator

Security Management & Administration

Bedros Ohanian, Director
Jonathan Ng, Assistant Director of Security
Scott Pollack, Commander, Event Operations Group
Gonzalo Silva, Commander, Field Operations Division
Juan Macias,Captain, Events Operation Group
Ed Too, Captain, Administration

The Blue Ribbon

Suzy Boyett, Associate Director
Cinda Rosenberg, Senior Coordinator


The Music Center Arts
(TMC Arts)

Office of Executive Vice President/
TMC Arts Administration

Anne Marie Acosta, Senior Administrative Assistant


Nick Schwartz-Hall, Senior Producer
Patrick Traylor, Senior Production Manager
Ming Ng, Holiday Show Advisor
Jasira Woods, Senior Coordinator
Kate Stephanus, Coordinator

Civic Strategies

Leticia Buckley, Senior Civic Strategist

Dance & Dancing

Martin Wechsler, Senior Advisor


Jeri Gaile, Fredric Roberts Director, Spotlight program
Monique Carroll, Program Manager
Jordan Adelman, Coordinator


Keith Wyffels, Associate Vice President
Patrice Cantarelli, Associate Director, School Programs
Rada Jovicic, Program and Events Manager
Ebony Ruffin, Manager, Professional Development
Monk Turner, Manager, The Music Center On Tour
Vincent Lopez, Coordinator
Juan Sanchez, School Programs Coordinator

Grand Park

Julia Diamond, Director
Robert Gonzalez, Operations Manager
Martha Guzman, Marketing Manager
Angela Tsai, Business Manager
Oleah Olaguera, Marketing Coordinator
Julian Yapkowitz, Lease Events and Location Coordinator


Business Resources


Cheryl Brown, Vice President
Robert Boone,
Senior Director of Advancement Services
Laura Recchi,
Senior Director, Annual & Leadership Giving
Laurie A. Selik, Senior Director, Institutional Giving
Debra Beadle
, Director of Planned Giving and Stewardship
Hillary Chisum, Director of Board Relations
Kari Sartorius, Director of Events & Special Projects
Melanye Taylor, Assistant Director, Database
Rob Carson, Major Gifts Officer
Virginia Wilcox, Membership Manager
Lorena Panfilo, Prospect Research

Mark Teshirogi, Grant Writer
Mayra Medina, Clerk, Donor Records
Colleen Blackler, Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President, Advancement
Bennett Anderson, Senior Coordinator
Belby Aguillon, Coordinator


Andrew Kayano, Manager, General Accounting and Financial Systems
David Modisett, Manager, Financial Planning
Cindy Rauch
, Manager, Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable
Silvia Canales, Payroll Specialist
Laura Canon, AP Specialist
Maria Justo, Accounting Clerk
Kirman Ng, Staff Accountant


Human Resources

Gloria Schaffer, Senior Director
Cynthia Covarrubias, Manager

Marketing & Communications

Lisa Ducore, Assistant Vice President, Marketing and Brand Communications
Melissa Tan, Assistant Vice President, Ticketing and Marketing Strategy
Stephanie Kao
, Manager, Web Content & Digital Analytics
Mike Mancillas, Digital Programming Manager
Marielle Shrock, Marketing Specialist
Danielle Bliss, Coordinator, Ticketing and Marketing Strategy

President's Office

Susan Hutcheon, Executive Assistant to the President


Edward Hennings, Manager


Rona Compton, Manager


Creative Support

Keith & Co., Graphic Design

The stage crew, wardrobe crew and box office staff are represented by the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States of America and Canada, AFL-CIO, CKC, Local Numbers 33, 768, and 857, respectively. 

The House Managers employed by The Music Center are represented by the Association of Theatrical Press Agents and Managers.


Need to get in touch with us? Please visit our Contact Us page.

Contact us

Contact Us


Phone Hours:

Monday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

TMC Arts / Glorya Kaufman Presents
Dance at The Music Center

(213) 972-0711

LA Opera
(213) 972-8001

LA Master Chorale
(213) 972-7282


Phone Hours:

Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday 12 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Center Theatre Group
(213) 628-2772


Summer Hours (starting 8/17/21):
Tuesday - Saturday, Noon - 5 p.m.
Closed Sundays & Mondays

Regular Hours (starting 10/12/21):
Tuesday - Sunday, Noon - 6 p.m.
Closed Mondays

LA Phil
(323) 850-2000