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Spotlight Steps

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Preliminary 1 Auditions*

All students submit a video audition online (note exceptions below). Students can apply to as many categories as they want and it's free! Once they apply, students will have their audition(s) evaluated by a distinguished panel of judges and written feedback will be sent to them.  We will have tutorials to help students and parents every step of the way on how to make a great video audition which will help them get ready for college and competition auditions.  After all video auditions have been evaluated, our judges will choose students to advance to Preliminary 2 auditions.

*Semifinalists and Honorable Mentions from the previous year will bypass Preliminary 1 and automically advance to Preliminary 2 live auditions.  

Preliminary 2 Auditions

Those students who advance to Preliminary 2, will have the opportunity to choose online, an audition date and time that is most convenient for them. These students will participate in a live audition before a panel of judges.  Participants receive a personal letter detailing their strengths and areas for improvement. Students will receive coaching before and after their audition. This is a great experience to develop presentation and performance skills! 

Semifinal Master Classes/Auditions

Fifteen Semifinalists are chosen in each category and then participate in a master class to gain feedback before their Semifinal audition. Each Semifinal audition day ends with a reception for the students and their families as the two Grand Prize Finalists and an Honorable Mention are announced. Specific master classes are open to all Preliminary students for observation.  All students receive written feedback after Semifinal audition.

The Finals

The grand finale is an evening of performances at Walt Disney Concert Hall in front of family and friends on June 5, 2018.