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Spotlight Academy

Spotlight Academy

The Spotlight Academy is an annual FREE day of performing arts workshops for students, parents and teachers at The Music Center. The next Academy will take place on Sunday,  September 15, 2019Class discussions this year included:

Vocalists:  What can you do with a Music degree? - Presented by

  • What can a vocalist actually major in?
  • How to find the best schools to apply to
  • Career options for vocalists in a rapidly changing world of music
  • Double majors? Music minors? What you need to know
  • What if you’re not a prodigy? Is there still a place for you?

What are Jazz and Classical Instrumental College Panels looking for?

  • Applying and getting into a college music program
  • Audition and application strategies
  • What to look for in a college or conservatory music program and teacher. How to narrow college choices.           

Kick Start Your Acting Career! - Presented by Center Theatre Group

  • The acting audition process, headshots, casting  
  • Successful interviews for college and career
  • Casting do and don’ts
  • Choosing the right audition material
  • Audition techniques

Non-Classical Dance and Ballet – College, Commercial and Companies 

  • How to stand apart in an audition and be noticed
  • What is artistry and how do I bring it to my work
  • What are dance college panels looking for 
  • Summer and Winter intensives
  • Marketing yourself – sponsors, social media and branding
  • Dance companies – choosing the right one
  • Commercial work and getting an agent
  • Physical and emotional health
  • Being a teenager in the adult world of dance 

Instrumentalists: What can you do with a Music degree? - Presented by

  • What can an instrumentalist actually major in?
  • How to find the best schools to apply to
  • Career options for instrumentalists in a rapidly changing world of music
  • What if you’re not the top student in your orchestra or band? 

What are Vocal College Panels looking for?

  • Presentation and attitude; when does your audition really start?
  • Material choices
  • How to deal with rejection and  acceptance
  • Choosing the right school for you

Nuts and Bolts: How to Afford and Pay for School; Don’t freak out!! We’ll break it down for you so you can easily understand and find solutions - Presented by

  • The latest on loans, FAFSA and how to get the help you need
  • Merit scholarships vs. need-based - what do you need to do to qualify? What if you don’t get what you need?
  • Working and going to school - the pros and cons
  • Financial Readiness –preparing family finances in advance for the college years             

How To Make a Great Audition Video

  • Creative ways to make an audition video
  • The difference between college and competition audition videos
  • Lighting and sound will make or break you
  • What college and competition panels are looking for
  • Tips for making an AWESOME video

Know Before you go (to college)! Tips and insights for prospective arts majors from current students and recent graduates - Presented by 

  • Surviving auditions
  • Getting what you really need from college visits
  • Picking a major
  • Juggling school, practicing, rehearsing, performing – and the rest of life
  • Finding great career opportunities while you’re in college 




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