For The Love Of L.A.

The Women's Center for Creative Work

Curatorial Statement

At Women’s Center for Creative Work (WCCW), we're very concerned with process as our product, with art as a form of dissent and with creating the space to explore all the future visions we can muster. That's what we had in mind when we were approaching the great opportunity to present three, timely new pieces of work for The Music Center’s For the Love of L.A.

Over the past year, WCCW, like many arts and community centers, has had to meet the challenge of bringing our programming from a physical space into a digital one. When it came to selecting the artists and work to feature here, we wanted to create a process that would bring the same kind of community warmth as past events in our physical space, and that would provide a showcase of more than just three artists selected by us—because, as this project continues to bring to light, L.A. is bursting with smart, thoughtful, thrilling artists, making work that changes us. It also felt important that we invite our community to help us make those choices. So, we made an open call for proposals and hosted a digital event that we called L.A.'s Feminist Idol to show the proposals to the public. WCCW judges, Kamala Puligandla and Mandy Harris Williams, selected two projects and the third was selected by viewers.

The three final artists presented here, Leo Alas, Tempe Hale and Davia Spain, were selected based on how the projects they proposed reflected timely questions, themes, topics and concerns around the pandemic and quarantine; how they contribute to feminist thinking, questioning, and creating; and the way their work represents and reflects the experience of gender marginalized people.

Leo Alas is presenting a digital zine on grief and healing they created in queer community, featuring stories, survey results and beautiful original illustrations. Tempe Hale has made a haunting and visually stunning short film on loss and discovery with photographs and hand-drawn animations. Davia Spain has created a lush music video and ethereal original song that open up a world of safe feminine freedom and play. Through varying topics and mediums that engage intersectional feminist values and ideas, each of these works asks us to question the current structures we inhabit and to engage in personal and collective healing. We are so proud to highlight these artists and we invite you to get immersed in their worlds.


The Women's Center for Creative Work is an intersectional feminist arts organization that produces and platforms the work of BIPOC, queer and trans, low-income and disabled women and nonbinary artists; creates transformative media through a feminist lens; redistributes resources; develops anti-oppressive alternatives to traditional business and nonprofit ways of working; and offers opportunities for the holistic building and support of creative community in person and online.