For The Love Of L.A.

Jason Arimoto and Petrice Oyama, Ukelele, Inc.

Curatorial Statement

Creativity takes on many forms at all levels and in unexpected places. Its meaningful expression exists everywhere but is often unseen. In our experience as creative arts entrepreneurs, music is often felt as a soundtrack underlying the rhythm of our daily lives.

In our curatorial partnership with The Music Center’s For the Love of L.A., we applied a socioeconomic lens to the scope of our project and were inspired by artists who’s creative, community-building strategies, not only contribute to local economic development, but also have a positive social impact on the City of Los Angeles.

Music is a part of the identity of each of our featured artists, whose pieces share expressions of strength, adaptability and resilience, from a perspective of everyday creativity with social and economic development activations.

Christine Araquel-Concordia and Johneric Concordia, the Park’s Finest restaurateurs, share scenes of community resilience and empowerment, captured along their Feed the Frontliners delivery route to hospitals across the county.

Following the cancellation of the tour scheduled this year with his band, Las Cafeteras, Daniel French reflects on his experiences through music and visual storytelling in a narrative portrait of his mother, Alicia, and their family business Alicia’s Costumes.

A shared sense of community in self-quarantine is reimagined through the experience of Shaloha, an L.A.-based jam ensemble of musicians and creative professionals, who reunite in a virtual jam session on instruments made available through contactless delivery support from their local 'ukulele store.

Each piece features original compositions by each artist, underscoring the narrative of each scene with their own voice and musical performances.

We invite you to experience these pieces as a collection of snapshots of everyday creativity activated in community-building strategies, each inspired from an artist’s perspective.


U-SPACE Ukuleles is an independent music retail and community-centered creative enterprise, serving as L.A.'s premier full-service 'Ukulele Experience. Originally from Hawai'i with combined professional expertise in 'ukulele performance, education, and retail, the L.A.-based U-SPACE creative team is dedicated to promoting a shared sense of community for diverse audiences of 'ukulele enthusiasts of all levels and playing experience.