For The Love Of L.A.

Eva Recinos

Curatorial Statement

While Los Angeles is a city of concrete and cars and skyscrapers, we can't ignore the nature peeking through. Now that we've slowed down and are spending more time at home, what's the view like outside our window or during our walks? During my own increased walking time in this period, I've noticed the birds of paradise on our block and the gaggle of cacti growing around the corner. I’ve slowed down to really take in these sights.

For this project, I wanted to ask artists to think about the natural motifs that are taking their attention during this unprecedented time—and how they might be influencing their creative process. How do we learn from the regenerative qualities of nature? What has the tree seen in all its years of living?


Eva Recinos is an arts and culture journalist and non-fiction writer based in Los Angeles. Her reviews, features and profiles have been featured in the Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, Jezebel, Hyperallergic and more. Her essays have appeared in publications such as Catapult, Electric Literature, PANK and Blood Orange Review.