For The Love Of L.A.

Ed Barguiarena

Curatorial Statement

Is Anybody Out There?

Our daily lives—magnified by stillness and isolation—have become an altered reality. Artists still create, but it's different because everything is different. Our creativity has found a new expression in the day-to-day activities of living: nurturing loved ones, educating and entertaining children, or getting groceries. And there is no shame or guilt in that.

Where does art play in this sense of isolation?

For The Love Of L.A. is a clarion call to gather and reconnect. It's a virtual platform designed to surface and celebrate the cultural and creative diversity alive beneath the surface of this pandemic. In every installment of this series, artists have taken the liberty (as artists often do) to broaden the project scope to include: For The Love Of art, community, family, collaboration, connection, peace, justice, love, and more. This kind of personalized adaptation is one of the things I love about my fellow Angelenos.

In my role as curator, I've had the pleasure of working with a group of thought-provoking, heart-engaging masterful artists. And I've been inspired by the way their creative works float between the concrete and the abstract while maintaining a delicate, human quality.

Within each film, "Song Again" (Harris\Manukyan\Gilbert), "Untitled Evidence" (Schmitt\Parker), there is space for you, our virtual audience, to engage, feel and respond. I invite you to watch these pieces a few times and let them grow on you, as they've grown on me. And then reach out. Your feedback completes the sacred loop between artists and audiences.

For the love of L.A. - let us know you're out there. We miss you.


Ed Barguiarena is an artist, educator, life-long student and parent. His creative expertise includes composer, musician, producer, writer, event curator, concert host and entrepreneur. Barguiarena’s long-standing relationship with The Music Center has taken many shapes: master teaching artist, mentor, performer, workshop facilitator, writer, music director, composer, advisor, curator, and artistic director. Every engagement and every project has been grounded in the celebration and exploration of creativity—manifested through the power of art and community. Learn more at