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The Music Center Offstage is a virtual destination that takes you beyond the curtain and brings the beauty, magic and creativity of the arts into your home.

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Pacifico Dance Company

Enjoy an encore performance of Pacifico Dance Company from the 59th Annual L.A. County Holiday Celebration.

About The Performers

Founded in 1992, the Los Angeles-based Pacífico Dance Company has been thrilling audiences with its unique blend of modern and traditional dance for well over a decade. Under the guidance of Adriana Astorga-Gainey, general and artistic director, the company has evolved and created its own unique style, costume designs, music and choreography. Since its founding, Pacífico has performed for audiences throughout the United States and Asia. With some 40 dancers and musicians, it prides itself on educating culturally diverse communities, as well as providing Hispanic audiences with a forum for developing pride in their own heritage.

Dedicated to the performance and preservation of traditional Mexican dance through the reconstruction of choreography and dance training, Pacifico seeks to instill pride of heritage and promote cultural understanding among the diverse communities of Southern California. The company also incorporates Mexican folklore, religion, and current themes presented through dance fusion to further the appreciation and understanding of present-day Mexico.

Artist Q&A

What is your favorite memory about being in the L.A. County Holiday Celebration?

"One of my favorite memories about performing at the L.A. County Holiday Celebration is seeing how diverse the Southern California talent is and being able to participate in a unique production that celebrates our passions with such a beautiful live audience. Sharing the experience of performing at the Dorothy Chandler with such dedicated artists makes the holidays that much more special."  --Daniel Rodgriquez, Pacifico dancer, 7 years

What do you enjoy the most about performing in general?

"Being on stage and performing is indescribable, the many emotions before show time, the adrenaline right before the first step, the happiness dancing along your friends, the tiredness, the crowd, the energy. No matter how much one may rehearse, no two shows are the same. I think what I like the most is that you have to give it 100% every single time because the moment only happens once. Unlike a rehearsal, there is no redo during the show. The performance is a way to show what you have learned the past few weeks/months. It is the time to show your growth as a dancer." --Alberto Flores, Pacifico dancer, 4 years

If you could say one uplifting thing to Los Angeles and the people watching your video now, what would it be?

"One thing I’d like to share is that our fate is not always in our own hands, but we can make the best out of our lives and communities by helping one another and standing with each other, never against one another. We live in a time where most of us enjoy makeing our own choices each and every single day, so we should make the most of our decisions and be compassionate. Also, Mother Earth is not ours, if this is her way of reminding us ALL to slow down, we should listen and embrace this part of our story." --Lorena Meza, Pacifico dancer, 10 years



The Music Center Offstage is a virtual destination that takes you beyond the curtain and brings the beauty, magic and creativity of the arts into your home.

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