Lorenzo Johnson & Praizum

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Lorenzo Johnson, songwriter, musician, teacher, minister and advocate for foster youth, was shaped by his own personal tragedy and loss. His passion leads him to stand on every platform with purpose, hoping to impact lives and make a difference with every word, note and melody.

Johnson's heart was always beating to the rhythm of music. At a young age he was considered gifted, and his gifts and talents have made room for him in the gospel and mainstream industry. His musical diversity has allowed him to perform on live television, at various venues around the world as well as work on Grammy-nominated projects. He is most proud of the musical group he founded call PRAIZUM.

The group uses Johnson's musical platform to bring awareness to social issues, arts education, foster youth advocacy and cancer awareness. He has been recognized as an agent of change by the mayor and city council members of Los Angeles and Carson, California. He has been quoted by the Los Angeles Times as an active advocate for the arts in education. Johnson currently serves as the youth pastor and minister of music at his local church. He also serves his community as a music teacher in South Los Angeles. Johnson is more focused than ever and hopes to leave his footprint on culture and history for Christ.

PRAIZUM was established in 2006 by Lorenzo Johnson Jr. with the purpose of harnessing the heart and soul of this generation through music. The members of PRAIZUM derive from a variety of churches across Southern California. The group’s original musical compositions cover an array of inspirational and positive music including hymns, traditional, contemporary, Hip-Hop, R&B, Christian & Gospel. The group’s diversity sets it apart and gives it a unique ability to appeal to people from different walks of life.

PRAIZUM’s debut album Life Support is comprised of Christian, traditional and contemporary Gospel music. Johnson’s own experience with his aunt and mother's diagnosis with multiple-sclerosis and breast cancer respectively was the inspiration behind the album’s title Life Support. The group is driven by its message of hope and plan to take that message beyond national borders.

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