Dembrebrah West African Drum and Dance

L.A. County Holiday Celebration Featured Performers


Dembrebrah West African Drum & Dance Ensemble is a collection of professional, semi-professional and lay artist/educators dedicated to the study, preservation and promotion of authentic, traditional West African art, culture and history in all of its power, beauty, strength and grace. The company includes musicians, storytellers, poets, dancers, singers and crafts artisans whose vibrant artistry has brought audiences to their feet cheering and demanding encores. Dembrebrah is committed to the study, practice preservation and promotion of African drumming and dance as methods of healing, communicating, educating and entertaining the public. Dembrebrah has been performing since 1996 and continues to be unified in its pursuit of educating people on the glory, splendor and beauty of African culture.

Dembrebrah is based in Long Beach, California and is a part of the Afrikan Cultural Research and Study Group of Long Beach. Their weekly classes that are held at Homeland Cultural Center in MacArthur Park are open to the public.