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March 11, 2017

Co-Chairs: Laurie Cohen, Melody Nishida, Catherine Soros, Tammy Strome

On a bright Saturday morning, Blue Ribbon members gracefully swayed in unison to Alvin Ailey’s signature choreography, Revelations.  This ethereal dance demonstration led by long-standing Ailey dancers, Hope Boykin and Matthew Rushing, enriched the morning program and provided further insight into the history of Alvin Ailey’s dance company. Former Dancer and President & CEO of The Music Center, Rachel Moore, thanked Blue Ribbon members for our support and joyfully joined members in movement. On The Music Center Plaza, guests were able to partake in a fan-making workshop inspired by the closing section of Revelations.  These beautifully-adorned fans sprinkled the theatre and moved to the motion of the Ailey dancers.