Uplift Through The Arts:
Community Renewal Plan

The Music Center is one of the largest and most highly regarded performing arts centers in the nation. Our mission is to champion the arts in Los Angeles for all people and to connect them with one another and with art that can enrich their lives.

In response to the unprecedented health and economic crises created by COVID-19, and the desire to address racial inequalities, The Music Center developed its Community Renewal Plan to respond to these pressing issues. Through this timely and essential work, we are reinvigorating our vision to serve all Angelenos while expanding our civic and arts leadership. The Music Center has established a fund to support this critical three-phase renewal plan.

For more information, please contact us at (213) 972-3353.

Support the Community Renewal Plan 


Ensure The Music Center's stability and longevity

  • Provide financial stability
  • Transform TMC Arts' programs to build upon current programming successes in serving the community
  • Expand expertise to develop comprehensive responses to COVID-19 and racial inequality issues
  • Invest in technological infrastructure and expertise


Activate The Music Center's civic role and deliver healing resources

  • Transition a limited number of re-calibrated programs to outdoor spaces to encourage the public's confidence in safely returning to group events, fostering the community's resiliency
  • Introduce wellness, safety and healing measures for public and staff
  • Implement Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) recommendations and practices
  • Enhance online programming and digital presence


Empower The Music Center's emergence as an increasingly relevant cultural destination

  • Re-engage the community in public performance and celebrate the return to live theatre and gatherings
  • Create non-traditional partnerships with key organizations to advance the role of the arts
  • Re-launch TMC Arts' in-person programming and engagement work, further enriched by the lenses of DEI
  • Fully commit to online programming that complements live performances to expand access

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