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Tandy Beal & Bobby McFerrin

Voice/Dance Improvisation

Improvisational work is very challenging; it requires a great deal of trust, alertness, and the ability of each person to respond fully to the other in the present moment.  Improvisation is about playing in a serious way.  Dancer Tandy Beal and musician Bobby McFerrin are masters of improvisation and have crossed arts disciplines to collaborate. This unit opens up the possibilities for students to improvise.  They will experience delight and inspiration in viewing the short video excerpt. Lessons provide ideas for experimenting with both sound and movement. Transformation is the main theme.



Watch video excerpt of Voice/Dance:

Listen to the audio for Sound Phrases (may take a few seconds to load, depending on your internet speed):


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-Video excerpt courtesy of Tandy Beal, Bobby McFerrin, and KQED-TV, San Francisco.
-Audio recording of a variety of short "Sound Phrases" composed by and courtesy of Paul Tracey.