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Remy Charlip

The Woolloomooloo Cuddle

Remy Charlip, dancer, choreographer, writer, artist, director and innovator, changed people's perception of dance.  He made dances about everything in life, including a "taking a shower" or 'lying in bed" dance.  Remy helped people see the ordinary events of our lives as possibilities for expression and whimsy.  He evolved unique approaches to creating dances, including his imaginary "Radio Dance" and "Air Mail Dances" (of which The Wooloomooloo Cuddle is one).  The lessons focus on techniques for imaginative dance-making accessible to everyone.  The central theme is Transformation of the ordinary into the extraordinary.




Watch video of The Woolloomooloo Cuddle:

Listen to the audio for Remy Charlip's Imaginary Dances (may take a few seconds to load, depending on your internet speed):


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Video courtesy of the Estate of Remy Charlip. Audio recording of Remy Charlip's Imaginary Dances, with Remy Charlip, David Vaughan, and Sally Hess, from The Territory of Art, #16, a former radio series of The Museum of Contemporary Art, producers Julie Lazar and Mary Jane Soule; courtesy of The Museum of Contemporary Art (, and the Estate of Remy Charlip.

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