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Dhon Dholak Cholam, Lai Haraoba & Vasanta Rasa Lila

Music and dance in Manipur, India, is aesthetic, sacred and ancient. This cultural heritage has been preserved intact for thousands of years, passed from one generation to the next via master artists and spiritual teachers. The audio and video examples show both classical and traditional pieces, with powerful music played on unique instruments. Lessons feature ways to communicate through expressive hand gestures, sign both a story and a song, and give a step by step guide for viewing the dances which are based on spiritual stories and traditions. Enduring Values and Transformation are the key universal themes for this unit.




Listen to the audio for Morning Has Broken (may take a few seconds to load, depending on your internet speed):


If you are having issues playing back the audio track on your PC, you may need to install the QuickTime plugin, available here.

Watch a video of Dhon Dholak Cholam, Lai Haraoba & Vasanta Rasa Lila:


All videos, audio tracks, and artwork on this page are for educational use only and is not to be reproduced.

Video courtesy of Ranganiketan Manipuri Cultural Arts Troupe. Audio : Morning Has Broken, performed by and courtesy of Paul Tracey; Lyrics: Eleanor Farjeon, (c) David Higham Associates;; Music: Bunessan (Scottish, traditional).

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