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Paul Winter

Ocean Dream

Master musician Paul Winter creates melodies on his saxophone that relate to wild, natural sounds like the cries and howls of animals. His music, both haunting and beautiful, connects us to the natural world in a profound and personal way. "Ocean Dreams," as the title implies, features a wide range of sounds from the sea including the mysterious voices of Humpback whales. The lessons awaken our ability to perceive and appreciate the sounds of nature and animal that reside within its realm.  Students learn to play music with others in small communities and collaborate in the creation and performance of a composition combining music and the spoken word. Featured are the universal themes of Enduring Values and The Power of Nature.




Listen to the audio for Ocean Dreams (may take a few seconds to load, depending on your internet speed):


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Audio excerpt from Whales Alive CD,©1991, courtesy of Living Music, Paul Winter, and Helen Blue Music, Ltd.

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