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Nuevo Ballet Español

Playas del Alma (Beaches of the Soul) & Solea X Buleria

Nuevo Ballet Español is a 21st century expression of flamenco that appeals to young people, without betraying the essence of the form.  It incorporates traditional movements and rhythms, but is infused with funk, jazz and classical. Believed to originate in India, the roots of flamenco are in the gypsy community who migrated across Europe and Africa.  Flamenco is now woven into the culture of Southern Spain.  Lessons begin by studying the video as an introduction to flamenco to learn clapping, stomps, slapping and snapping, performing gestures and poses as a way of speaking without words and to learn structures for combining a variety of steps, shapes, contrasting qualities and floor patterns for simple, original choreography.  Universal themes include Enduring Values, Freedom & Oppression and The Human Family.



Watch video of Playas del Alma (Beaches of the Soul) from Flamenco Directo and Solea X Buleria from Concierto Flamenco :

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Video footage courtesy of Nuevo Ballet Español

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