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McFerrin to the Power of Three

Scat Singing; Vocal Improvisation; Ich Grolle Nicht; Ave Maria; My God Is So High; I Got Plenty o'Nuttin; Keep-a-Inchin' Along (excerpts)

The McFerrins are a family of singers who have all pursued their careers individually.  However, on this special occasion they came together to celebrate their family and to combine talents in a variety of ways.  Fortunately, a video was made so these performances can be revisited. The lessons expand a student's experience with music, from scat singing to spirituals, and from musical theatre to opera.  Students are encouraged to add several different kinds of sounds as accompaniment to songs and to experiment with scat-singing.  Also, students will learn how African American singers established themselves in Opera.  The themes of Transformation, Enduring Values and The Human Family are emphasized.




Watch video of McFerrin to the Power of Three:

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Video courtesy of Instructional Technology [Services] Center and James Fay with Dept. of Dance, Arts & Media Studies, University of Missouri, St. Louis, and the McFerrin family.

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