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Martha Graham

Lamentation & Satyric Festival Song

Martha Graham is considered to be one of the most important dance innovators of the twentieth century. Lamentation was inspired by sculpture and represents the essence of grief.  In contrast, Satyric Festival Song displays laughter, teasing and humor. Lessons guide students to express and channel emotions through postures and creative dance, the use of breath to give more power to movement, and prompts to write poems that express someone's inner and outer worlds. One poem will be selected for a small group choreography. Universal themes that run throughout are Enduring Values and The Human Family.




Watch video excerpts from Lamentation and Satyric Festival Song:

All videos, audio tracks, and artwork on this page are for educational use only and is not to be reproduced.

Video excerpt courtesy of the Los Angeles Dance Foundation and the Martha Graham Center for Contemporary Dance. Lamentation footage from "Weeping Women in Dance" concert (1994).Satyric Festival Song footage from "Heart of Woman" concert (1996). Music for Satyric Festival Song, "Minuta Perversa," used with permission of Fernando Palacios.

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