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Lewitzky Dance Company

Impressions #1 (Moore)

This choreography is part of a suite of dances inspired by the sculpture of Henry Moore, and performed by women. The dance pieces are labeled in a similar way to the sculpture pieces, resulting in such titles as Touching Points, Interlocking Shapes and Two Figure Forms. The lessons focus on ways to work with the human body and shape it to resemble three dimensional sculptural forms in stillness and in motion.

Partners and small groups exlore ways to sculpt each other by combining shapes in a variety of ways; explore the concepts of over, under, around and through body shapes emphasizing negative and positive spaces between body parts and body parts and the floor; and improvise ways to travel sculptural figures through space. Highlighted in this unit are the universal themes of Transformation and The Human Family.



Watch a video of Impressions #1 (Henry Moore):

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Video excerpt courtesy of the Estate of Bella Lewitzky.

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