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Kurt Jooss & The Joffrey Ballet

The Green Table

The Green Table ballet, choreographed by Kurt Jooss, premiered in Paris in 1923, and is now regarded as one of the most important dance works of the twentieth century.  It is a compassionate and dramatic dance drama that   depicts the indecencies and inhumanities of warfare.  It features the powerful leaders who gather around a green table and make decisions that impact many ordinary people.  Lessons include mask-making, ideas for creating simple dance motifs and ways to express different emotions through gesture and dance movements.  Universal themes in this unit include Enduring Values, Freedom & Oppression, and The Human Family.



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To make the best us of these lesson plans, we recommend first conducting an internet search for Kurt Jooss, as well as video clips of his work, including The Green Table.

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Video footage courtesy of CHAMPS Charter High School, Van Nuys, CA, and Madeleine Dahm. Photographs of dance academy students from CHAMPS Charter High School by Clive Alcock.

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