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Judith Helton

The Tale of Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit & Friends

Actress Judith Helton brings historical characters to life with her portrayals of women of accomplishment and artistic talent.  The Tale of Beatrix Potter illuminates the life of the author/illustrator who gave us such beloved stories as “The Tale of Peter Rabbit.”  The audio features Ms. Helton as Beatrix Potter being interviewed during an English tea time, followed by Judith speaking as the actress rather than the character, telling us how she researches and creates her work.  Lessons include steps to creating a “Picture Letter,” also called a rebus, life-study drawings and guidance on how to create an original story based on first-hand observations. The themes of Enduring Values and The Power of Nature are woven throughout. 



Listen to the audio (Single Track): Part 1 – Beatrix Potter, the character; and Part 2 – Judith Helton, the actress. Interviews by Paul Tracey. (may take a few seconds to load, depending on your internet speed):

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Audio courtesy of Paul Tracey and Judith Helton.

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