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Jose Limon

There is a Time

Modern Dance pioneer Jose Limon choreographed powerful dances with human themes.  One of his classic pieces is There is a Time based on the historic poem from the Bible, "Ecclesiastes- "To Everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under the Sun."  This poem, based on the cycle of universal human experiences, is rich in both ideas and words. Jose Limon selected aspects of this poem and used them as inspiration for his dance.  The lessons focus on language arts and encouraging students to explore the meanings of such phrases as "A time to be born; a time to die," and to make personal interpretations and connections.  Lessons show how to guide choral speaking, basic gestural expressions of the meaning of different phrases within the poem.  Students will also be encouraged to view the dance and discuss the choices made by the choreographer.  Themes stress The Human Family and Enduring Values.



Watch a video of There is a Time, featuring the Limón Dance Company:

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Video courtesy of Jose Limón Dancy Company. Meditations on Ecclestiastes(music)composed by Norman Dello Joio, by permission of Carl Fischer Music.

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