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John Clayton

I Be Serious ’Bout Dem Blues

The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra maintains its connection to the past, while looking ahead to the future.  It is a living link to the rich history of jazz - especially its unique melding of African, European and American influences. Lessons guide students in how to play and improvise over a backbeat, counting and improvising over a twelve-bar blues form, and creating a spoken word presentation that is organized like a jazz orchestra. Themes of Transformation, Enduring Values and The Human Family are emphasized throughout.



Click here to download the I Be Serious ‘Bout Dem Blues score (reprinted with permission of Hal Leonard Publishing)For more information or to purchase the score please visit:

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Audio from the CD “Heart and Soul.” Capri Records, ©1991. Courtesy of John Clayton, CHJO, and Capri Records.

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