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Jirí Kylián & Nederlands Dans Theater

Stamping Ground (excerpts)

The video excerpts from Stamping Ground give the viewer background on some of the dances, music and values of the Aboriginal culture that inspired a modern dance suite called Stamping Ground, choreographed by Jiri Kylián. Kylián did not imitate the Aboriginal dances, but rather collaborated with experienced dancers from Nederlands Dans Theater to explore animal qualities from their own perspectives. Lessons incorporate techniques to use in researching and observing cultural dance, prompts that can guide and engage students in successful movement improvisations, and descriptions of animals of the Outback that will inform and inspire movement studies.  These lessons also include experiences in mirroring, movement conversations, animal interpretations and organizing creation myths for dance interpretations.  The universal themes featured are Enduring Values, The Power of Nature and The Human Family.




Watch video of Stamping Ground:

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