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Jennifer Tipton

The Tempest

Jennifer Tipton’s artistry and vision have established her as one of the world’s premier lighting designers for theatre, dance and opera.  In her role as Director, she introduces us to The Tempest, by William Skakespeare.  He brings to life a story of love, revenge, righteousness, despair, hope and wisdom, all interwoven in a delicate web of poetry, imagination and charms. The themes highlighted in the production are mirrors, shadows and dreams, for the island in The Tempest, like a stage, is a place for dreaming. Lessons make connections to these concepts through the techniques of mirroring, examination of some of Shakespeare’s most well-known quotations, and experience with the poetry and rhythms of sonnets through choral speaking. The universal themes of this unit are Transformation and The Power of Nature.



Listen to audio of an Interview of Jennifer Tipton by Barbara Leonard (Interview audio is fuzzy. May take a few seconds to load, depending on your internet speed):


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Watch a slideshow of The Tempest:

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