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Great Leap / Nobuko Miyamoto

Joanne is My Middle Name

Great Leap, rooted in the Asian American community, uses art as both performance and creative practice to deepen relations among all people.  Artistic Director Nobuko Miyamoto invited artists to write about some aspect of their life. Her story, Joanne is My Middle Name, is featured in this unit. Lessons focus on her composition Pieces of a Puzzle and doing freeze-frame dances inspired by the ideas in the lyrics, choreographing one's own name and then notating it in an acrostic, and interviewing someone in the family and re-telling that story to the class. Universal themes include Transformation and Enduring Values.




Watch a video for Joanne is My Middle Name:

Listen to the audio for Pieces of a Puzzle (may take a few seconds to load, depending on your internet speed):


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Video footage and audio recordings courtesy of Great Leap, Inc.

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