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Tete en l'air

This extraordinary work combines dance with acrobatics and is built on themes that are drawn from human interactions and relationships.  Diavolo's original material features architectural structures, geometric shapes, mechanical functionality and landscapes.  Tete en l'air was inspired by a large wooden staircase that provides a seemingly endless stream of movement possibilities.  Dancers stream down, under, and even through the staircase via a series of ingenious trap doors.  Representing "citizens of the world" they portray a sense of bewilderment and wonder as they explore endless possibilities through a collage of risky, fast-paced, surprising movements. The lessons focus on cooperation, collaboration, working with structures and exploring how ordinary objects can be transformed. Highlighted in this unit are the universal themes of Transformation and The Human Family.




Watch a video of Tete en l'Air:

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Video courtesy of Diavolo.

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