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Anna Djanbazian

Sarve Kashmir & Interlace

Anna Djanbazian's Persian-Armenian heritage, love of design and nature influence her themes and choreography. Sarve Kashmir reflects the style of Persian dance usually performed in homes, on the street or in courtyards. The barefoot performers, laden with jewelry portray a group of women selling bread on the street. Interlace is a traditional Armenian dance based on the structural designs seen in Armenian churches from the 4th - 17th century. Lessons outline the Persian Cinderella story from the time of Marco Polo, Star Map dances, and movement studies based on architectural forms. The universal themes of Transformation, Enduring Values and The Human Family underlie the ideas throughout.





Watch a video of Sarve Kashmir:

Watch a video of Interlace:

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Video excerpts courtesy of Anna Djanbazian.

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