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American Indian Dance Theater

Eagle Dance & Hoop Dance

The American Indian Dance Theatre is unique because it features Native American dances, music, costumes and traditions in a theatrically staged presentation.  The dances and other aspects are well researched and authentically based, maintaining the integrity of these cultural traditions.  Two of the most loved pieces, "The Eagle Dance" and "The Hoop Dance" are highlighted.   The stories behind each will heighten understanding of the purpose they have within the different tribal groups.  Lessons feature a Hopi creation story, a tale about a wolf illustrated through Indian sign language and a process of steps guiding students to design an original culture which they will express through stories and the arts.  The Power of Nature and Transformation are key concepts on which this unit is based.





Watch a video of Eagle Dance & Hoop Dance:

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Video excerpt, "Finding the Circle," from the Dance in America series, courtesy of WNET/THIRTEEN and American Indian Dance Theatre.

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