Letters to Harriet Tubman

Letters at Willowbrook Senior Center

Letters to Harriet Tubman, from Paul Morse Productions, uses songs and stories of the Civil war era to tell the adventures of the heroic woman who fought slavery through the "underground railroad." Harriet Tubman, born a slave, grew to become one of the foremost warriors in the battle against slavery, helping and guiding hundreds of slaves, including her own parents, travel north to freedom. In this two-character play, Harriet is joined by her guitar-playing neighbor, Jeffrey Taylor, Jr. The production examines the history of the main character and of the times, and is interspersed with lively period songs and African-American spirituals, including "Go Down, Moses," "Oh, Freedom" and "Battle Hymn of the Republic." A telling tale of the difference that can be made through the strength and courage of one individual, this performance inspires and encourages the audience to hope, dream and achieve.

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