Chic Street Man

A superb urban acoustic folk-blues artist, Chic Street Man is also a musical ambassador for peace and human rights who starred in and composed the music for Joseph Papp's production of "Spunk" at the New York Shakespeare Festival and the Mark Taper Forum. Filled with audience participation, this performance features songs that explore a love for people, music and the planet, and a philosophy that inspires audiences to help make the world a better place. Chic incorporates a variety of musical forms all of which have roots that can be traced back to the ancient African tradition of storytelling with call and response. The stories are used for the purpose of spinning a tale, but always to instill in the listeners the spirit of an honorable life and the value of living in harmony with others; and to inspire them to make positive contributions to society. His songs explore a love for people, music and the planet and allow the audience to feel, laugh and think about themselves in relationship to the world around them.

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