String Family Players

String Family Players break down the stereotype that classical music is inaccessible by offering the audience an unforgettable experience as they connect with students through their music. This dynamic string quintet ensemble, led by director David Young, includes two violins, a viola, a cello and a double bass create fun and memorable performances.

All Strings Considered offers an introduction to stringed instruments, with demonstrations of the various techniques used to produce the characteristic string sound. Through listening games, the audience learns to identify each instrument by ear alone. The frequent use of classical music in familiar sound tracks and commercials is presented, along with other selections drawn from the repertoire of great music.

Mozart: the Child Prodigy is a celebration of the amazing music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a precocious musical prodigy who by age 7 was already dazzling the crowned heads of 18th-century Europe. Emphasizing Mozart's life and works composed as a child and teenager, the performance uses his music to illuminate the past and clearly show how Mozart's work has continued to enthrall every generation since that time.


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