Breadcrumbs Along the Trail

Stories, like breadcrumbs, offer us wisdom and nourishment both to receive and share along the trail of life. Stories help us learn, grow and unravel the mysteries that surround us. The stories we hear, like those breadcrumbs dropped in the forest trails to guide us, help us see and appreciate the paths that others have forged. Breadcrumbs Along the Trail is a dynamic solo performance by Carl Weintraub, the founding force behind the well-known theatre troupe, We Tell Stories, and a recipient of the prestigious PASA Award for lifetime achievement by professional artists in schools.

Weintraub pulls from his vast theatrical experience and library of stories to craft specially tailored performances that nourish, captivate and enchant audiences. The experiences shared through these stories will help students learn as they hear about the pathways that others have followed, and the lessons gained along the way. Wrapping the audience in words, meaning and imagination, a performance with Carl Weintraub may help listeners learn about choices and consequences, taking risks and appreciating the shared wisdom that comes from those who trod the path of life before us.


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