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Actress Judith Helton literally steps into the past when she goes to work. Since 1976, she has brought history to life with her intriguing portrayals of women of accomplishment and artistic talent. Her versatile repertoire of one-woman shows consists of three from American history -- First Lady Abigail Adams, Gold Rush entertainer Lotta Crabtree, pioneer author Laura Ingalls Wilder -- and England's author/illustrator, Beatrix Potter. Each portrayal is meticulously researched from an historical perspective. Ms. Helton's professional theatre credits include work in resident acting companies in Baltimore, Milwaukee, Houston and San Diego. Internationally she has performed at the Edinburgh, Scotland "World Theatre Festival," and in Dublin and Cork, Ireland. Ms. Helton's commitment to authenticity in her performances has led her to master such specialized skills as spinning, weaving, banjo playing and antique costume construction. She so truly 'becomes' the women she plays, that it is little wonder when leaving her home she is asked by neighbors, "Who are you today?"

The following shows are available as assemblies:

Colonial Period-Abigail Adams, the wife of John Adams, weaves the tale of her life into America's struggle for freedom and salutes the female side of the Revolution.

Gold Rush - Lotta Crabtree , a 19th century entertainer, brings the California gold rush to life through the songs and musical instruments of that bustling era.

Classroom Visits

Colonial Period-Classroom Visit : Abigail Adams explores everyday life in Colonial America; students take turns carding wool, spinning and playing with toys of that period.

Gold Rush - Lotta Crabtree-see description above

Library Visits

Beatrix Potter, who wrote "The Tale of Peter Rabbit," relates the true stories behind her beloved animal tales. She shows students how they can use their own lives as a source of creativity.

Laura Ingalls Wilder*, author of the famous "Little House" books, shares stories of her pioneer girlhood on the American prairie. Tales of covered wagons, sod houses, blizzards, grasshopper plagues and wild animals are told.
* Based on the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Presented by arrangement with the copyright owner, Little House Heritage Trust.

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