School Assemblies

help provide powerful learning opportunities in and through the arts.  We spark creativity, imagination, and a deeper engagement with learning.

  • School Assemblies: Music Center On Tour

    Artistic excellence, cultural diversity and rich educational content; these are the hallmarks of Music Center on Tour.  We bring the best of the performing arts to schools, introducing students to a world of exciting new possibilities. Learn more ›

  • Arts Integration Partnerships

    Student access to the arts should not rely on the luck of being in the right classroom in the right school. School and district leadership is essential to provide equitable access for all students. The Music Center works with schools and districts to bring teaching artists in the classroom to facilitate student learning and model effective instructional strategies for teachers. Learn more ›

  • Professional Development

    Intensive hands-on professional development is essential to help teachers gain the confidence and skills to bring the arts alive in their classroom. Our professional development programs engages teachers as arts learners and sets the stage for classroom implementation. Learn more ›