Teaching Artist Faculty

The Music Center brings world-class artists into classrooms all over Los
Angeles County through a range of innovative education programs.
Nationally, The Music Center is not only a premier performing arts
center, but a leader in the arts education field, vigorously
committed to advancing arts learning in the community's pre-K through 12 schools.

A distinguished professional teaching artist faculty is at the core of
The Music Center's approach to arts education.  The teaching artist
faculty undergo a rigorous selection and training process before
interacting with students and teachers.  Teaching artists work at the
intersection of artistry and education by using their expertise,
creativity, and passion to provide distinctive arts learning experiences
for students and teachers.

The Music Center's teaching artist faculty includes nearly 40 teaching
artists in four disciplines: dance, music, theatre, and visual arts.
Classroom teachers observe Music Center artists working with their
students and learn how they can continue teaching the arts in their own

Internationally recognized mimes Sharon Diskin and her husband, Keith
Berger, known as The Chameleons, have been part of The Music Center's
teaching artist faculty since 1990.  "These days, artists in the
classroom are asked to connect more deeply with the academic
curriculum," says Diskin.  "We're connecting to language arts and even
science, math, and social studies.  One reason schools rely on The Music
Center," adds Diskin, "is that we are working artists first, teachers
second.  It's based on years of training and professional work in
our field."

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Eiko Amano (Visual Art)

Alvaro Asturias (Visual Art)

Keith Berger (Theatre)

Tiffany Bong (Dance)

Ina Buckner-Barnette (Theatre)

Maire Clerkin (Dance)

Madeleine Dahm (Theatre & Dance)

Tara Cook Davis (Dance)

Colin Cox (Theatre)

Rosina Didyk (Dance)

Sharon Diskin (Theatre)

Dawn Dyson (Dance)

Diana-Sofia Estrada (Visual Arts)

Jennie Ford (Dance)

Rachel Green (Theatre)

Andrew Grueschow (Music)

David Guerra (Theatre)

Lynnanne Hanson-Miller (Dance)

Joan Harrison (Visual Art)

Peggy Hasegawa (Visual Art)

Aimee Hopkins (Music)

Mercedes Ibarra (Dance)

Denise Iketani (Theatre)

Kathryn Johnson- Schwartz (Theatre)

Peter Kors (Theatre)

Dawn Norfleet (Music)

Lynn Okimura (Visual Arts)

Jasmine Orpilla (Theatre & Dance)

Joseph Peck (Music)

Beth Peterson (Theatre)

Maria Pino (Music)

David Prather (Theatre)

Sam Robinson (Theatre)

Ellen Schulze (Theatre)

Kristen Smiarowski (Dance)

Beth Sussman (Music)

Kimiko Warner-Turner (Theatre)

Chisa Yamaguchi (Dance)

Wen-Chu Yang