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Institute for Educators

The Institute for Educators is The Music Center’s premier professional development program. Teachers participate in transformative experiences, engaging in the artistic process, participating in a community of learners, and exploring how the arts can be powerful tools for integrated learning.


The impact of the Institute resides with teachers interacting with master teaching artists and guest educators, participating in authentic and meaningful arts learning, and addressing critical ideas about the arts, creativity, and education.  Through this process, teachers walk away with renewed ownership, insight, and confidence that the arts can transform their classrooms. 


The Institute for Educators explores powerful approaches to support learning through the arts. Working with a team of master teaching artists, educators immerse themselves in multiple arts disciplines and gain a new understanding of how the arts bring learning to life in compelling ways.

As teachers, principals, artists and students engage in the work, they:

  • Increase their arts skills and knowledge by creating, performing, and responding to individual and small group work.
  • Gain deeper understanding about arts-based classroom strategies that help bring Common Core to life in creative and effective ways.
  • Make connections and express meaning through creative performance tasks.
  • Use specific criteria to assess and share feedback about artistic work. 


Teams of teachers, educators, arts specialists and teaching artists work side-by-side as reflective learners and collaborative partners. The Institute is about hands-on learning and building a community of learners through a group process. Participants experience lessons guided by professional artists, inquire into content and meaning, and create, perform, reflect and assess about their own work and practice.


The Music Center offers multiple opportunities for educators to receive ongoing support from master teaching artists. Schools and districts build robust arts integration partnerships based on key principles explored in our Institute that encourage teacher growth and student success.

Past Institute Content

2016: In Search of America

For information about our Institute for Educators, contact:
Ebony Ruffin, Manager of Professional Development | (213) 972-3308