Arts Integration Partnerships

To ensure equitable access for all students, The Music Center works with school districts and networks of schools to design and implement quality arts education.

Partnering for Impact

The Music Center is seeking to maximize the impact, value, and sustainability of our work. Since 2009, we have been adapting and expanding our traditional model of providing arts education services to individual schools into one that encompasses networks of schools or entire districts.  An isolated model classroom or school is not enough. 

We call this model our Arts Integration Partnership (AIP).  The cornerstones of the AIP model – intensive professional development and sustained classroom support -- are situated within a co-teaching framework designed to optimize the contributions of both the  classroom teacher and the professional teaching artist.

The AIP's overarching goal is alignment: Alignment between the skills, knowledge, and values of teachers, principals, and district leaders committed to equitable access to arts learning for all students.

Overview of Arts Integration Partnership with
Bassett Unified School District

Partnering for Engagement

At the Music Center, we envision moving beyond individual school efforts to develop equitable access to arts education for all students across an entire district or network of schools. Through in-depth partnerships spanning kindergarten through twelfth grade, we aim to build, test, and share models of pathways through which arts education promotes student and family engagement and supports academic achievement in low-income, underserved schools and communities.

Partnering for Success

The Music Center focuses these efforts in districts and networks of schools that demonstrate a shared commitment to this vision. Our core criteria for partnering schools and districts embrace four determinants of high-quality student learning outcomes: Participation, access, content, and resources.


  • All teachers will be expected to participate, principals will play an active leadership role, and  parents will be engaged as active partners.  All will receive appropriate support and professional development.
  • District (or network) leaders will play an active leadership role  by convening principals and teachers on a regular basis to share effective practices.


  • All students will have access to quality arts learning within the school day. Partnerships will span K-12 and strive for a sequential and consistent pathway of learning opportunities for all students.
  • Middle and high school students will have access to a sequence of courses (beginning, intermediate, advanced) in one or more art forms. 


  • Elementary programs will involve the whole school and may include specific content focus at different grade levels.
  • Plans for arts learning will be aligned with other core instructional priorities.


  • Community arts resources will be utilized in a strategic and coordinated manner, with a focus on supplementing school resources and leveraging greater school capability for arts instruction.

District and school partners are expected to make a meaningful financial commitment towards support of this partnership.  The exact amounts vary based on local circumstances and the constraints of recent state and district budget cuts.  District financial commitments may include paying stipends or release time for participating teachers.

For more information about the Arts Integration Partnership model, please contact the Music Center at 213-972-4330 or email us >