Classroom based partnerships bring teaching artists into schools to help teachers provide quality instruction in and through the arts.

The Artist Teacher Partnership (ATP) program is the Center’s most in-depth school program.  ATP is a professional development model which supports collaborative planning and teaching between Music Center teaching artists and classroom teachers.  The program helps classroom teachers become more effective at teaching the arts as well as integrating the arts into other subject areas.  To emphasize integration and thematic learning, all ATPs begin with a connection to at least one Universal Theme:

  • Enduring Values
  • Human Family
  • Transformation
  • Power of Nature
  • Freedom and Oppression

The Music Center staff works with schools to design and target the specific partnership that includes the following:

  • Professional Development Workshop for Teachers
  • Collaborative planning time between teaching artist and participating classroom teachers
  • Planning meeting with school principals for ongoing project assessment
  • At least ten sequential sessions with a teaching artist in the classroom

Elementary schools may select either the Foundation Level, in which classroom sessions are led by teaching artists; or the Collaborative Level, in which classroom teachers share the instructional role with teaching artists.

For secondary schools, the Coaching Level includes expanding planning between teaching artist and classroom teacher, peer-to-peer feedback, co-teaching, and mentoring.  Sessions are led by the classroom teacher with coaching from the teaching artist.

To schedule an Artist Teacher Partnership, please contact the Music Center at 213-972-4330 or email us >