Staff & Board of Directors

The Music Center is led and governed by a dedicated staff and Board of Directors who share a common passion for arts and culture.

2015-16 Board of Directors


  • Lisa Specht, Chair
  • Robert J. Abernethy, Vice Chair
  • Michael J. Pagano , Vice Chair
  • Rachel S. Moore, President and CEO
  • Karen Kay Platt, Secretary
  • Shelby Notkin, Treasurer
  • Lisa Whitney, Assistant Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer

Board Members

  • William H. Ahmanson
  • Wallis Annenberg
  • Darell Brown
  • Kimaada M. Brown
  • Louise Henry Bryson
  • Dannielle Campos
  • Craig A. Ellis
  • David Gindler
  • Kiki Ramos Grindler
  • Julie Goldsmith
  • Brindell Gottlieb
  • Phyllis Hennigan
  • Nancy P. Jacoby
  • Arthur D. Kraus
  • Nigel Lythgoe
  • Bowen “Buzz” H. McCoy
  • Mattie McFadden-Lawson (on leave of absence)
  • Elizabeth Michelson
  • Darrell D. Miller
  • Cindy Miscikowski
  • Diane S. Paul
  • Max Ramberg
  • Joseph Rice
  • Richard K. Roeder
  • Joni J. Smith
  • Catharine Soros
  • Marc I. Stern
  • Cynthia A. Telles
  • Cary H. Thompson
  • Walter F. Ulloa
  • Catalina Joos Vergara
  • Timothy S. Wahl
  • Susan M. Wegleitner
  • Alyce Williamson

General Counsel

  • Stephen G. Contopulos

Directors Emeriti

  • Peter K. Barker
  • Judith Beckmen
  • Eli Broad
  • Ronald W. Burkle
  • Lloyd E. Cotsen
  • John B. Emerson*
  • Lois Erburu
  • Richard M. Ferry
  • Bernard Greenberg
  • Joanne D. Hale
  • Stephen F. Hinchliffe, Jr.
  • Amb. Glen A. Holden
  • Stuart M. Ketchum
  • Carolbeth Korn
  • Amb. Lester B. Korn
  • Kent Kresa
  • Robert F. Maguire, III
  • Ginny Mancini
  • Edward J. McAniff
  • Walter M. Mirisch
  • Fredric M. Roberts
  • Claire L. Rothman
  • James A. Thomas
  • Franklin E. Ulf
  • Andrea L. Van de Kamp*
  • Paul M. Watson
  • Thomas R. Weinberger
  • Rosalind W. Wyman

*Chair Emeritus

Staff List

Executive Management

  • Rachel S. Moore, President and CEO
  • Howard Sherman, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Lisa Whitney, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

President & Board Chair Office

  • Celeste R. Goblowsky, Special Assistant to the President / Director of Board Relations


  • Michael Solomon, Associate Vice President of Programming
  • Ming Ng, Senior Director of Programming


  • Jeri Gaile, Director of Spotlight 


  • Cheryl Brown, Assistant Vice President of Advancement
  • Jennifer Samsel, Assistant Vice President of Membership & Annual Programs
  • Laura Recchi, Director, Annual Programs
  • Mercedes Tondre, Director, Corporate Partnerships
  • Christopher Reiner, Assistant Director, Institutional Giving

Public Relations & Communications

  • Barbara Pflaumer, Vice President of Public Relations & Communications


  • Carolyn Van Brunt, Vice President of Guest Relations
  • Chris Christel, Director of Production
  • Larry Goebel, Director of Security
  • Keith McTague, Director of Engineering
  • Sharon Stewart, Director of Scheduling & Events

Finance & Human Resources

  • Benjamin Bank, Controller
  • Gloria Schaffer, Director of Human Resources